As we train in our eating, we often neglect to track our food.

The real challenge isn’t the heavy lifting and busting our butts at the gym. In fact, it’s the habit of you being consistent in eating right!

Okay, you would wonder and ask:

Who wants to continuously track every meal for the rest of their lives? Can’t we all just eat to our heart’s desire and have a peace of mind?

Depending on the quality of food we eat every single day, yes it does matter in tracking our meals. It allows you to measure how much we nourish our bodies and if we are getting adequate nutrition to supply the growth of our lean muscles. And that’s the goal!

What if we make this simpler and easier to do? After all, most of us might live in the urban city where we have tons of options. If you haven’t prepared your meals for the day because you have to rush something, you would be limited by the selection of food in convenient stores and restaurants.

This is where food swapping comes in!

Food swapping is a mindful approach to eating, swapping out your usual meals for a healthier alternative. The goal here is to learn

For example, if you had the option to choose between deep-fried chicken and roasted chicken in an all-chicken restaurant, choosing the roasted chicken is the better sub. This is because chicken that is roasted has significantly lower fat than when it is deep-fried.

You must choose the better alternative for the maximum nutritional gain for your fitness goals such promoting quicker muscle growth and getting into a leaner shape.

And so, I have listed 3 guidelines when food swapping! 🙂

1. Swap out the salts, fats, and sugars

Reducing the salts, fats, and sugars in our food will allow more of your body to function properly.

Sugar can spike our insulin levels in our blood, which can cause your body to hold onto your fat longer. Consuming a lot of sugar regularly will cause this to happen but having a moderate amount shouldn’t make a dent in your progress.

2. Swap out the processed food


Food that is created from hundreds of ingredients is processed. Even though there are foods with organic ingredients, food manufacturers toss in the preservatives to extend the shelf life. Also, there are some foods that package their ingredients into general terms. For example, the ingredients for Coke generally list sugar, preservatives, food coloring, and etc. There are various kinds of sugars and can range from high-fructose to glucose. These food companies do their best to make their food appear having few ingredients in it to look healthy.


Coke: It’s simply put together in general ingredients.

Instead, eat healthier meals. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. Taking in the good stuff that’s naturally grown and whole will give you all the right energy for you. Continue eating wholesome food such as fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meat, nuts, fish, and more; the benefits your body will get outweighs sticking to eating processed food.

3. Sub in backup food

  • Prepare your meals with simple healthy recipes.
  • Cook big batches and freeze them for convenient microwaving.
  • Create super simple snacks that are rich in nutrition and delicious.
  • Go out to restaurants that are fast casual like Chipotle.
  • Blend smoothies for a quick meal.

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