I believe you’re here for a reason.
It’s either:

You want to lose fat so that you can wear your favorite sports jacket or dress.
You want to gain muscle so that you can spark interest with your crush as you dash on the sandy beach.
You want to take charge of your fitness street smarts and become independent in doing so.
You want to look so damn fine strutting out to the world with unshakeable confidence.

The point is, I’m here to teach you how to grow fat-burning lean muscles like the pro-athletes, muscular celebrities, and fitness models do!

Welcome to All Is Lean, the growing online source of the leanest way to get YOUR Amazing body and become stronger regardless.

Hey wassup!
My name’s Mari Gimenez and I’m a lean fitness simplifier, aspiring to empower you to become a smarter and turbocharged lean machine.

I empower others to take charge of their fitness by adding small tweaks to their lifestyle to make a massive change.

Transforming your own body to a sexier form is really as simple as a walk in the park, but there are so many exercising programs that paralyze most of us from taking the first step.

I remember the times of frustration when I tried to connect the dots as I listened to any of my friends and coaches’ advice. For every piece of advice filled with good intentions, I found out they all clashed with each other.

Added to that, I did a marathon of exercises and worked my glutes off for 9 straight months only to not see any muscle gained at all.

After all that work, I found out that I should’ve made small adjustments in my training to see amazing results faster.

I was discouraged at first, but I never gave up on learning from my mistakes.

Sooner or later, I grew more curious on how to gain muscle on a budget and how do fitness models still look great after eating their favorite meals.

I wasn’t getting guided answers at all, and so collecting and experimenting fitness advice became my hobby. Funneled, digested, extracted, and simplified to the pulp, All Is Lean delivers bite-sized content to enlighten and guide you how crazy easy it is to become fit and healthy.

And now, let’s get the body you deserve after all this time. Whether it has been months or years of making this decision, now is the time to say YES to that new you!

Here, you can find valuable resources to learn efficient programs in bodybuilding in no time!  

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